Sunday, June 9, 2024

Donald Trump initiating a pre-emptive strike against prosecutor Alvin Bragg

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In a Truth Social post, former President Trump declared his innocence and claimed that he did nothing wrong. He accused Democrats of attacking him again, citing a “disgraced extortionist,” likely referring to Stormy Daniels.

Trump accused the prosecutor in charge of his case, Bragg, of being a “George Soros-backed Radical Left Democrat” running a “sham” investigation against him, without providing any evidence.

He also urged his supporters to sympathize with him and falsely claimed that the investigation is only happening because he’s ahead in the polls. However, there is no evidence to support these claims.

Trump may be facing criminal charges in New York for potential violations of election and document laws regarding payments made to Daniels. Despite consistent denials, Cohen has testified against him, and the case has been ongoing for years.

Trump is said to be increasing his staff to attack Bragg, and his team is allegedly spreading allegations that President Biden is behind the investigation. Neither Trump nor Bragg’s representatives have commented on the matter.

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