The Bizmart Advantage

Bizmart for Education offers a suite of industry-driven, ed-tech products and services that immerse students and professionals directly into the financial markets.

Access to one of the finance industry’s most widely used tools, The Bloomberg Terminal, and in-house Bloomberg resources provide an incomparable, experiential learning opportunity to gain the tangible skills for a successful career in finance.

Experiential learning

Blizmart’s online certificate courses offer real-world, strategic skills to boost resumes and set students apart from competitors. 

Cutting edge tech

Learn the critical functions used to navigate and influence the market with the support of real-time and historical data found only on The Terminal.

Exclusive insights

Leverage Bizmart’s library of case studies, webinars and news brought to you by the best minds in the business.

Key Offerings

Bizmart for Education Portal

Sign up for student or faculty registration to Bizmart’s library of tutorials, webinars and more.

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Digital Certificate Courses

Take a closer look at our online courses to discover which programs best suit your academic needs.

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The Terminal on Campus

Learn more about the benefits of building a Bizmart Finance Lab on campus and start a conversation with a Bizmart rep.

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The Bizmart Terminal offers students access to the industry-leading,
cutting-edge tool that provides realtime and historical data, market moving news, and analytics.

Bring the financial markets directly into the classroom and elevate your course
curriculum with the power of Bloomberg education technology.

Drive student enrollment

  • Elevate your status in international business school rankings and set students up for post-graduate success with real experience and tangible skills.
  • Qualify for membership in our Experiential Learning Partner (ELP) Rewards Program, designed to recognize and celebrate academic institutions that are leaders in experimental learning through the integration of the Bloomberg Terminal into their curricula.

Enrich your curriculum

  • Refer to The Bloomberg Toolkit, a downloadable resource that helps you enhance your syllabi and connect classroom theory to real-world finance, empowering students with a competitive edge.
  • Students who complete any of our certificates will be able to claim continuous learning credits by the CPD certification service.
  • Offer access to hundreds of digital tutorials, webinars and more from Bloomberg experts through the Bloomberg for Education Portal.
  • Access digital group subscriptions to stay on top of industry news and trends.

Prepare students for post-grad success

  • Teach students how to harness the power of the markets and master the industry’s leading tool, The Terminal, with our online Certificate Courses. Students receive a certificate of completion from the Center of Professional Development to add to their resumes.
  • Prepare students for interviews and training programs with real-time data and Terminal-specific strategies.
  • Offer students an opportunity to participate in our virtual investment simulation, the Global Trading Challenge, with students from 900+ universities worldwide.
  • Learn how to secure a Terminal on Campus and begin building a Finance Lab.