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About Us

The Bizmart is a media subsidiary of Bizmart Holdings LLC, an American holding company based in california with registration number   202359113923.

We showcase the positive and hopeful prospect of African Economies and listings of Richest individuals on African continent, other parts of the world and news stories with global analysis about Wealth & Billionaires, Finance & Investing, Entrepreneurship & Founders, Technology & Innovation, small business management, Leadership & Professional Communities, Consumer Businesses and Lifestyle.

The magazine was founded by Isaac Newton in 2014 and 8 years later, in 2022, we launched our first online platform, bizmart.aftrica with Contributor Network and started our Breaking News desk.

  Our Editorial Values and Standards  

One Immutable is our prohibitive principals for quality and reliable journalism.

As an international publishing and distribution platform, we are committed to premium journalism, analysis and thought leadership. Bizmart staff editorial and newsroom teams and contributor network are built on the core principles of: Fair & Ethical Journalism, Freedom from Bias & Conflicts of Interest, Factual & Authoritative Reporting and Analysis and Independence & Integrity through which we honour the Society of Professional Journalists’ Code of Ethics hence Quality, expert and trustworthy journalism and in our editorial products is fundamental to our entire business.

  Bizmart’s Surety  

We take facts seriously, making clear updates when corrections are warranted and fact-checking major and investigative stories by a team of trained staff journalists.

All work published on Bizmart must evade hate speech, indispensably entrancing content, distortion, exaggeration, bias, carelessness, half-truths, deceit/falsehood and misrepresentation.

We prohibit all staff members and contributors from accepting compensation, privileges or favours of any kind from people, companies or groups featured in their coverage. Any real or perceived conflicts of interest or relationships at all (financial, professional, legal actions, personal or otherwise) must be avoided and/or discussed with the appropriate managing editor. If approved, it must be explicitly disclosed in the story to readers to maintain their trust.

Any attempt or failure to honor these solemn responsibilities is a serious offense and is subject to review and swift disciplinary action, including removal from the platform.

We are always interested in your feedback. If you have story ideas or news, you’d like us to cover, reach out to tips@bizmart.africa.

For concerns or corrections and General feedback about our work, reach us at editorial@bizmart.africa

We are just American based but African made.

Editorial Team (Reporters & Contributors):

Isaac Newton, Editor In Chief

Nyongesa Sande, Managing Editor

Nelson Oko, Reporter, Finance & Wealth

Micheal Dollar Kanaabi, Reporter, Finance & Wealth

Wode Maya, Reporter, Entrepreneurship

Mbabazi Hannington, News Reporter

Sulaiman Bukenya, News Analysis

Ahimbisibwe Joan, Reporter, Finance and Wealth

Patrick Dylan, News Reporter

Rachael Anyango Mboya, Reporter, Finance & Wealth