Sunday, May 26, 2024

Isaac Newton

Editor in Chief

Isaac Newton is the Editor in chief of Bizmart and a former contributor and pioneer managing editor of; the Exposition and Showbiz; business and evangelist periodicals covering African wealth and entrepreneurship and former columnist of the Evangelist, a monthly periodical with focus on theology.

Nyongesa Sande

Managing Editor

Digital Media Consultant, Strategist and Expert. . He is a blogger, Pan African-ist ,columnist Political Activist ,Youtuber, Human Rights Activist, Social Media Enthusiast, informer & businessman who has interest in politics, governance,corporate and fraud.

Nelson Oko

Reporter, Finance & Wealth

Based in Nigeria, Nelson Oko is a features editor at Real Simple where he manages the publication’s personal finance, career, product testing and pets coverage. His work has also been seen in Travel + Leisure, Better Homes and Gardens, Southern Living and more.

Micheal Dollar Kanaabi

Reporter, Finance & Wealth

Micheal Dollar Kanaabi is an award winning contributor at Bizmart as well as the editor at Bizmart Tech and the creator of the Bizmart Ledger newsletter. He covers everything newsroom besides politics although I am a keen follower of politics local, regional and global.

Wode Maya

Reporter, Entrepreneurship

Berthold Kobby Winkler Ackon, popularly known as Wode Maya is a Ghanaian YouTube personality, vlogger, digital media influencer and aeronautical engineer. 'Wode Maya' means 'My Mother' in Chinese. He is Curently a Reporter, Entrepreneurship at Bizmart Africa

Mbabazi Hannington

Business Reporter

Mbabazi Hannington is legendary media entrepreneur with interest in corporate and personal finance. He is the founder of The Standard News Uganda and his recent bylines tackle topics around retirement and General News in the Business sector.

Ahimbisibwe Joan

Reporter, Finance and Wealth

Ahimbisibwe Joan specializes in finance, policy, business, gender and pop culture. She’s currently a senior writer at Bizmart Africa Magazine. She’s also the author of Lady Business, a newsletter about women and business

Patrick Dylan

News Reporter

Patrick Dylan specializes in all things finance, policy, business, gender and pop culture. He is a veteran digital and TV journalist.

Rachael Anyango Mboya

Reporter, Finance & Wealth and Legal Matters

Rachael Anyango Mboya specializes in all things Legal finance, policy, business, gender and pop culture. She is a Lawyer by Profession.

Kembabazi Racheal

Reporter, Social Economic and Professional Communities

Kembabazi Racheal is a travel vloger and Youtuber who reports on Real Estates , Social Economic Developements, gender, pop culture and professional Communities. She currently an active staff at Bizmart