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5 Things You Need To Know Before Buying A Plot In Ngong

Land property is a growing investment vehicle among the middle-class population in Kenya. The investment is considered safe and less risky with assured capital gain in the near future. 5 Things You Need To Know Before Buying A Plot In Ngong

Despite the benefits that one can ripe when they are buying a plot and wait to appreciate in value. Many Investors have missed identifying prime plots that will appreciate in value quickly.

In this blog, I am going to reveal to you some of the information that has made Ngong Town and its environs a highly targeted area to investors.

I will further show you why you need to invest in the plots being sold here if you are an investor who is looking for land to buy within the suburb of Nairobi city.

Land in Ngong Town and Its Environs

Ngong Town is one of the towns in Kajiado county and sits at the foot of Ngong Hills. It is a town that is just 40 minutes from Nairobi CBD and borders Karen.

The residents of Ngong town and its environment are people who work in Nairobi county. They are mainly middle-class people.

It is the most preferred place to reside since its favorable climate and the cost of living is a bit moderate as compared to other parts of the city.

Here are key features about plots for sale in Ngong and its environment;

a) Favorable Climate in the area

First, Ngong Town has a favorable climate all period over the year. Most months the area is cold and wet and some period between January and March is Cold and dry. This is mainly influenced by Ngong Forest which covers most part of the Ngong Municipality.

This makes the place habitable and ideal for homes. So if you are looking for a good place to buy land so that you can build a home or apartment, Ngong Town and its environs offer the best investment opportunity.

People who bought plots some years back in this area are lucky since their land property has appreciated over time.

b) Ngong Town offer Tourist destination

Besides the fact that the town is a suburb of Nairobi City, it has tourist sites that attract tourists to the area.

The area touches Nairobi National park and has a clear view of The Great Rift valley.

The area offers an ideal view of the Great Rift Valley which falls 4000 ft. down. At the foot of the valley are the nomadic Maasai homes.

The tourist visits have spark economic activities in the area which has resulted in the building of hotels, shopping malls, and the development of other social amenities in the area.

With this development happening, there is an opportunity for both commercial and residential investors to grab for themselves plots and land while it is still cheap.

c) Sports

The area is the training camp for most athletes in Kenya. The area has the best temperature that is quite similar to the European climate.

Also, most of these athletes are residents of this place.  Besides athletics, the area has seen the development of basketball courts and football stadiums.

This has further created a demand for plots in Ngong. However, on the outskirts of Ngong town, you can still get some affordable plots for sale.

e) Good Infrastructure

Due to the increased population in the area, the government developed infrastructure in the area. The greatest development that opened up the area is the Train station of standard gauge railway (SGR) that was developed in the area.

There is a planned project to developed a duel Carriage road from Ngong town to Nairobi CBD that will ease the traffic in the route.

Also, Ngong town and its environs are connected to basic amenities like electricity, water, and tarmac roads.

These developments have as well increased the demand for land in Ngong and neighboring areas.

However, the prices are still low, some plots even selling below 1 million shillings per 50ft ✕ 100ft piece of the plot.

f) Affordable Plot in Ngong

Pieces of land in Ngong town are still cheap and affordable.  Most prime plots that are on sale are below 1 million Kenya shillings and it has ready title deeds.

A plot in Ngong can either be used for commercial or residential purposes and they are on freehold.

One of the areas experiencing growth in real estate investments in Ngong is Kimuka


Kimuka Centre is a thriving town in Ngong, Kajiado County and it is located along Ngong – Suswa Road. The distance from Kimuka Town from Ngong is only 13 kilometers. Further the distance from Nairobi town to Kimuka is only 33 kilometers.

Kimuka trading centre was opened up by the new Ngong – Kimuka – Suswa road which has led to grown around the area.

This growth has led to an increase in the demand for plots for sale in Kimuka Ngong. In addition, there has been an increase in the number of residential estates in Ngong Town.

Most Kenyans who look for land for sale in Kimuka may not have all the details. In this blog, we shall some of the things you need to know about Kimuka Ngong.


Kimuka plots and houses enjoy the pleasant, cozy, special, and peaceful ambiance as a result of the breeze emanating from Ngong Hills. This makes the area habitable and ideal for a dream house in Ngong.

Price factor

The fact that Kimuka trading center is within the vicinity of Ngong Town, makes the plots cheaper. This provides ease of purchase and a variety of options with companies such as Username selling very cheap plots in Kimuka and within the Ngong – Kimuka – Suswa road map.


Good roads are always a plus when it comes to where to build an estate in Ngong. The new Ngong – Suswa Tarmac provide easy access from Ngong Town to Kimuka area. Within 45 minutes you have already moved from Nairobi CBD to Kimuka.

Kimuka is all well accessible using Kimuka – Kisamis Road.


Kimuka trading center enjoys the presence of Kimuka Primary School and Kimuka Secondary school thus making it easy for a parent to enroll their children in good schools within the area.

Building approvals

Building a house in Kimuka Ngong is easy and efficient. Obtaining a construction permit in Kajiado is straight forward and it is only 1% of the estimated construction fee. This makes it easy to build in Kimuka area either Airbnb, holiday homes or just a residential home for families.

Soil type

The soil in Kimuka is largely red soil. One main advantage of red soil is good drainage. Planting in read soil and building in red soil is also good. Therefore, making it a good place

Affordable prices

Kimuka has some of the most affordable plots in Kenya. If you check some Username plots in Kimuka the prices are less than one million which is affordable to a number of Kenyans.

Religious facilities

A good residential area should also have religious facilities and Kimuka in Ngong is no exemption. Kimuka trading centre has churches such as PCEA Kimuka, Kimuka Catholic Church among others.

Recreating facilities

The town enjoys views of Ngong Hills and nearness to Ngong Hills Hotel. When you building your home here you can always go for hiking or zip lining in Ngong.

In conclusion, buying property in Ngong or in its environs is a good investment. Whether for building a home or apartments to rent.

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