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Mulwana business empire an example many need to emulate

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The news has been focused on the declining business empires of city tycoons Mabirizi and Zzimwe, who are a reflection of many other Ugandan (African) businesses that do not survive past their founders.

For instance, the Ssembule Empire, which included a Steel Rolling Mills and an Electronics section, was once promising but began to falter due to mismanagement and unpaid loans following the death of one of its founders. The empire has since been sold to Frank Nekusa.

However, the late James Mulwana’s empire has been an exceptional case because he prepared his successors to continue his business after his death. Mulwana groomed his wife, daughter, and heir to take over the business and ensured that his values, such as modesty and respect for workers, were instilled in them.

His children have not squandered their wealth, and the business remains in one piece. Mulwana also treated his workers as key partners in business, which earned him respect and admiration from others.

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