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Six Essential Payment Gateway Features for E-Commerce

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In order for an ecommerce business to remain an attractive option for customers over physical location, a stable, reliable, secure, and smooth online shopping experience has to be created. Six Essential Payment Gateway Features for E-Commerce

Additionally, customers prefer to order and pay online without limitation as to the options presented.

Six Essential Payment Gateway Features for E-Commerce

Here’s a checklist on the features that you need to look out for before you settle on a Payment service provider for your ecommerce website:


Businesses relying on online payments are the most susceptible to hacking. It is paramount to have the SSL Security feature on your website which protects your customers’ data.

To curb the risk of theft by online scammers, Pesapal’s APIs & Plugins have an additional step to authorize the transfer of funds between buyer and seller. This verification is achieved within a few seconds by encrypting data between the user’s browser and the server of the retailer and getting approval from a financial institution.


A long and tedious checkout process results in a higher cart drop out. Allowing your customers to checkout as guests or to login via their social media will ensure completed purchase. It’s always best to ask your customers to create an account once they’ve bought from you and feel a little closer to your brand.

Integrated Payment Processor

For businesses looking for the security features offered by a payment gateway but with a simplicity that doesn’t necessitate a web developer, a redirect page is the best option. However, this introduces a second step for customers which is disruptive especially if the visual experience is not associated with your brand.

Payments Page by Pesapal is indeed very easy to use for businesses.  We make it easy to customize the look and feel of your website hence you’ll definitely increase your revenue and save many engineering hours.

Return & Refund Policy

Most businesses experience a higher cart dropout rate due to unclear return & refund policies. However, by being customer-centric, a product or service purchased online is out of pure trust that what is bought is exactly as is on the images. As such your business policy should be concise, informative, engaging, and easy to understand.

Granted this is one of the most cumbersome policies a website owner has to create as it creates a vulnerability to fraud. By working with Pesapal, chargeback requests from customers are refunded to the original payment option.

Optimized Checkout Page

On average, 70% of online browsing in Eastern Africa is done on a mobile device. Your payment gateway must therefore be easy to navigate for mobile users and responsive to the size of the screen.

For restaurants or hotels, Reserveport by Pesapal was built with the end-user in mind who intends to book a room or order food online. The booking engine and the restaurant online ordering platform integrates with your in-house POS system to update rates, availability and offers in real-time.

Contact Information

Always ensure your contact details and physical address are visible on your website especially on checkout. Customers feel reassured on their purchase that they can easily reach you in case of any delays, returns or general customer feedback.

Before you select a payment gateway, make sure that you understand what payment methods your customers need, where the limitations lie, and how to mitigate them.

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