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Duties and Responsibilities of an Invoice Processor

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Nyongesa Sande
Nyongesa Sande
Nyongesa Sande is a Kenyan blogger, Pan Africanist,c olumnist Political Activist , blogger, informer & businesman who has interest in politics, governance, corporate fraud, human rights and television personality.

Invoice processors manage invoicing at the financial departments of organizations. Their duties include developing and implementing invoicing procedures, managing databases, and handling client requests. Duties and Responsibilities of an Invoice Processor. They also investigate slow approvals.

Invoice Processing Definition

Invoice processing by definition is a business function performed by the accounts payable department which consists of a series of steps for managing vendor or supplier invoices from receipt to payment, and recorded in the general ledger. Invoice processing is often performed with software and it is commonly referred to as automated invoice processing or invoice automation for short. An invoice processing flowchart is a structured guide detailing the steps for how accounts payable is to process vendor invoices.

Here are the steps for invoice processing:

  1. Capture, general ledger (GL) code, and match supporting documents such as a purchase order and/or delivery receipt
  2. Send invoices to authorized approvers to approve or reject invoices
  3. Authorize and submit invoices for payment in a financial system
  4. Process invoices for payment via common payment methods such as check, ACH, or wire transfer
  5. Archive invoices and payment information in the GL and for audit purposes

Invoice Processor Duties:

  • Read and extract data from invoices to verify information, identify material and labor, and process invoices for payment
  • Process invoices for payment using the accounting database
  • Enforce all federal, state, and local codes, regulations, and requirements, including insurance requirements
  • Maintains confidentiality of financial and employer-related records
  • Maintain accurate records of all financial, employer-related, and human resource management activities
  • Maintain accurate records of all financial, employer-related, and human resource management activities
  • Maintain accurate records of all financial, employer-related, and human resource management activities
  • Work with accounting department to maintain accounting records
  • Responsible for following all company policies and procedures
  • Research and resolve complex problems
  • Research and resolve complex problems

Invoice Processor Responsibilities:

  • Oversee the receiving and filing of invoices from vendors and customers, track payments, manage cash disbursement, and reconcile bank and credit card accounts
  • Follow all operational procedures and quality standards
  • Maintain accounting records and spreadsheets
  • Work with shipping, packaging, and inventory departments to ensure proper delivery
  • Create and update all documents, spreadsheets, databases, and reports
  • Track and submit invoices for payment, verify receipt of processed payments, and track payments
  • Verify all bills have been paid before finalization of ledger
  • Track credits and deductions accurately
  • Maintain and monitor inventory
  • Maintain and update inventory records
  • Prepare business enterprise reports
  • Track job costs
  • Maintain and manage employee records
  • Update job performance appraisals and compensation plans
  • Work with dispatch to coordinate work assignments

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