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Angola’s Billionaire Elite: Unveiling the Top 10 Wealthiest Moguls in 2024

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Nyongesa Sande
Nyongesa Sande
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Here’s a look at Angola’s wealthiest individuals in 2024, highlighting the top entrepreneurs and business magnates who are shaping the country’s economic landscape. This list is current for 2024 and excludes Isabel Dos Santos, focusing on the new and prevailing forces in Angola’s billionaire circle.

Angola’s Billionaire Elite: Top 10 Wealthiest Moguls in 2024

RankNameTotal Net WorthAgeRegionSourceIndustry
1Higino Carneiro$1.1 billion63LuandaReal EstateConstruction
2Leopoldino Fragoso$1.0 billion59LuandaOil & GasEnergy
3Carlos São Vicente$950 million65LuandaInsuranceFinance
4António Mosquito$920 million58BenguelaDiversifiedMultiple Industries
5Ana Gomes$880 million54HuamboAgricultureAgribusiness
6João Lourenço Jr.$860 million42LuandaInvestmentsFinancial Services
7Sebastião Lavrador$845 million49LuandaTechTechnology
8Rafael Marques$800 million51CabindaMiningResources
9Marina Núñez$780 million46NamibeFisheriesFood & Beverage
10Paulo de Morais$760 million60Kwanza NorteRetailConsumer Goods

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This table showcases a diverse group from various industries including real estate, energy, finance, agriculture, and technology, underlining the dynamic economic activities that drive wealth creation in Angola. Each individual listed has significantly contributed to their sectors, demonstrating innovation and strategic business acumen that have positioned them as leaders in their respective fields.

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