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List of Best Parks in Uganda

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Often overlooked by tourists who head instead to neighboring Kenya and Tanzania, Uganda has been described as the ‘Pearl of Africa’ such is its natural beauty and charm. List of Best Parks in Uganda.The landlocked country is home to a diverse array of ecosystems which are fascinating to explore and, untouched and wild, they are stunning to behold.

The undoubted main attraction has to be the mountain gorillas for which Uganda is renowned. Viewing them up close in their natural habitat is simply awe-inspiring and certainly makes for unforgettable memories.

With amazing whitewater rafting and the serene Lake Victoria also on offer; this lovely country will astound you with all that there is to see and do. Here are the most beautiful national parks in Uganda which should you give you some inspiration as to what you just have to see in this country.

Here is a List of Best Parks in Uganda

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