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List of best Edtech Companies in Uganda

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Nyongesa Sande
Nyongesa Sande
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Educational technology (commonly abbreviated as edutech, or edtech) is the combined use of computer hardware, software, and educational theory and practice to facilitate learning. List of best Edtech Companies in Uganda. When referred to with its abbreviation, edtech, it often refers to the industry of companies that create educational technology.

In addition to the practical educational experience, educational technology is based on theoretical knowledge from various disciplines such as communication, education, psychology, sociology, artificial intelligence, and computer science. It encompasses several domains including learning theory, computer-based training, online learning, and m-learning where mobile technologies are used.


The Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT) has defined educational technology as “the study and ethical practice of facilitating learning and improving performance by creating, using and managing appropriate technological processes and resources”. It denotes instructional technology as “the theory and practice of design, development, utilization, management, and evaluation of processes and resources for learning”. As such, educational technology refers to all valid and reliable applied education sciences, such as equipment, as well as processes and procedures that are derived from scientific research, and in a given context may refer to theoretical, algorithmic or heuristic processes: it does not necessarily imply physical technology. Educational technology is the process of integrating technology into education in a positive manner that promotes a more diverse learning environment and a way for students to learn how to use technology as well as their common assignments.

Accordingly, there are several discrete aspects to describing the intellectual and technical development of educational technology:

Here is a List of best Edtech Companies in Uganda


Totoquiz is a digital platform that enables children in primary school in Uganda to revise using educative quizzes, learn using our digital library and ask questions which are answered by teachers.

Totoquiz is an innovation by Toto Technologies

Web app link:

Android app link:


Revisenow has a pool of past UNEB question papers for Primary Leaving ExaminationsO Level, and HSC or Advanced Level of education.

The platform displays the questions from the past final papers. There’s no option to download or print the questions. A student is expected to copy the questions, attempt, and either check for a correct answer in their study notes or consult a teacher. Keep in mind, the website displays ads.

Cyber School Technology Solutions

Cyber School Technology Solutions is a premier provider of quality educational services offering world-class solutions to enhance the online educational environment globally.

They offer Digital Science Lessons (Math, Biology, Chemistry and Physics) and a Virtual science Lab where students can do any science experiment just like they would in a science lab.

Digital Science and Virtual Lab software (which has over 6000 animations and 157 science lab experiments) is installed on a PC or laptop at a small fee of UGX 100,000.



ThinkPlay designs and produces board games that help children learn math and science through play with peers and family. The board games are used as a cost-effective instructional material integrated into a set of game-based learning strategies to offer a conducive, safe, and fun learning environment that increases motivation and interest for learning.


Sharebility Uganda

Sharebility Uganda is a centralized platform for educationists to publish and share their digital teaching and learning content.

Students, parents, guardians, teachers can access and download free learning resources.



Checheza is an offline learning application for children. The content on the platform is packaged into a mobile learning game and distributed to children with no or limited access to quality education.


Yukudemy is an Open E-learning Platform (OEP) geared towards the promotion of knowledge sharing and skills and has no limit to the type of courses created on the platform.

It hosts a wide variety of learning resources and topics for primary, secondary, tertiary institutions. The platform boasts a stat of 2,163 lessons 140 courses 38 instructors 12 academies.

Izere Education

Izere Education is a social enterprise innovating around education.

They believe that today’s child should be empowered with the tools to thrive in their 21st century future.

They empower children to be problem solvers, critical thinkers, creative, competent communicators, excellent collaborators, have an excellent character, have the ability to be life-long learners and be responsible digital natives.

They equally empower educators to have these 21st century learning outcomes in their classrooms.


Teach for Uganda

They are developing a movement of leaders to address education inequity inside and outside of the education sector, with a common vision of providing every child with an opportunity to attain an excellent education. They recruit, train and place top university graduates and young professionals in high-need UPE schools across Uganda to serve as full-time teachers committed to transforming the education outcomes of less-privileged children.



Kaino started off as a premium STEM blended curriculum aligned for early childhood education.

Parents can use these contents to homeschooling their children. Likewise, teachers in Early Childhood Development centers can also use the platform as lesson guides to deliver daily curriculum-aligned lessons to children.

Currently, on their website, they offer free lessons for their Early Childhood Development program. You can create an account and check their learning materials for free.


Somesa is a digital based learning management system (LMS) that eases the training of employees, students and customers. One is required to create an account on the platform and publish or enroll for courses.


Exam Uganda

Exam Uganda is an e-learning platform that concentrates on the revision of exam papers. It contains examination questions for all levels of the Ugandan education system (Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, and University Examinations). Students are able to view answers on completion of a questions set. Question types include; multiple choice, short answers and essay type.

At the time of publishing this story, the website was down.



TutorView is a learning platform which offers revision paper and notes for students in nursery, primary, secondary, tertiary and university. The learning resources are downloadable in pdf format or can be viewed online using Google drive pdf viewer. The platform also displays ads.


Gradesplus Uganda

Gradesplus is a learning platform that has learning resources for students in secondary school in Uganda. The platform was developed by the team at Student hub, a career guidance platform for students.

The platform was fairly designed well thou the user experience is fairly poor.



Passuneb offers candidates a chance to do a multiple-choice questions self-test on selected subjects at the Primary and UCE levels. The platform has an online self-test section where a student attempts questions and views the solutions or explanations of the question.

The primary section has a set of questions on all 4 subjects.

The UCE or O Level module has a self-test on the main subjects of MathBiologyPhysicsChemistryEnglish, and Geography.

The e-library section has a rich collection of ebooks on various subjects which you can download or read online.

Schools Uganda is Uganda’s largest school search portal and is the first place to start your school search! lists schools from all of Uganda’s regional districts. So whether you’re looking for your school or your child’s school, you’ll find your perfect school.


Oysters & Pearls

Oysters & Pearls is an ongoing educational program inclusive of the blind with emphasis on teaching science, technology, engineering and math to students in Africa, primarily Uganda. We are also working with students on other educational curriculum such as wildlife, conservation and sports. We advocate opportunities for women.


Prime Learn

Prime learn is an online platform that offers recorded lesson videos accompanied with exercises. They produce video based lessons for students in primary, secondary, Tertiary and University. To access the platform one has to pay in order to watch the video. The average cost of each video lesson is UGX 700.


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