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List Of Best Counselling Centres In Uganda

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Nyongesa Sande
Nyongesa Sande
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This is a list of best counselling centres in Uganda. Counselling entails the provision of professional assistance and guidance in resolving personal or psychological problems. Counselling is done by a professional counsellor who helps in positively addressing your problems, by helping you to explore different positive options, clarify issues and increase self-awareness.

Counseling psychology is a psychological specialty that began with a focus on vocational counseling, but later moved its emphasis to adjustment counseling, and then expanded to cover all normal psychology psychotherapy.

The Society for Counseling Psychology in the United States says:

Counseling Psychology is a generalist health service (HSP) specialty in professional psychology that uses a broad range of culturally informed and culturally sensitive practices to help people improve their well-being, prevent and alleviate distress and maladjustment, resolve crises, and increase their ability to function better in their lives. It focuses specifically but not exclusively on normative life-span development, with a particular emphasis on prevention and education as well as amelioration, addressing individuals as well as the systems or contexts in which they function. It has particular expertise in work and career issues.

Here is a list of best counselling centres in Uganda.

NewDawn Counselling & Psycotherapy

Located in: Kamure Park Building

Address: 128 Old Kira Rd, Kampala, Uganda

Phone: +256 779 657966


Address: Plot 249 Park Road Kalungu, Bunga Gaba Road Kalungu, Gaba Rd, Kampala, Uganda

Phone: +256 709 622828

Lets Fix It.

Individual And Couples Counseling (Let’s Fix it With Sharifah Namusisi

Address: Bukoto kisaasi Road, Kampala, Uganda

Phone: +256 783 786015

Hope For Personal Growth-Uganda

Address: 24 Mutungo Hill view Road, Kampala, Uganda

Phone: +256 782 369321

Inspirations Centre

Address: Susie House, Suite 3, 1st floor, Ggaba Road, Kampala, Uganda

Phone: +256 772 626766

Makerere University Counseling and Guidance Centre

Address: Mary Stuart Rd, Kampala, Uganda

Humura Therapy

“Humura Therapy is a solution that takes a modern approach to the mental healthcare interactions that were traditionally in person or manual, offering a more integrated, digital, instant, frictionless experience for mental health care services. This type of digital mental health approach strategy empowers patients to access information, support, and even care right from the palm of their hand.

Phone: +256 751 692567

Healing Talk Counselling Services

Located in: Akamwesi Hostel

Address: C, Plot No.114, Akamwesi Complex, Office 1A, B, and, 122 New Port Bell Rd, Kampala, Uganda

Phone: +256 771 666571

Relationship Counsellor Uganda

Address: Bunga Soya, Ggaba Road, Kampala, Uganda

Phone: +256 758 360740

Umbaj counselling services international

Address: Entebbe Road, Kampala, Uganda

Phone: +256 703 486897

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