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List of best Business Centres in Kenya

List of best Business Centres in Kenya. A business center is a luxurious way to rent an office for your company. You can expect more services than at a multi-tenant building. For example, receptionist, post-processing, and answering the phone.

If you are an entrepreneur and you are preparing to set up your business or catapult it to another level, you may have doubts about the type or model of office in which it is worth working, as currently the options available are numerous. Before the launch of your project, after its creation or even when the brand is already established in the market, the option of establishing your office in a Business Center can present itself as an excellent solution. But what is a Business Center and what are the advantages that this type of infrastructure can offer for your business?

What is the meaning business Centre?

a place where businesses can rent offices or rooms for meetings, events, etc.: We moved from a unit in a small business centre into our own premises.

A Business Center is a physical location that provides temporary office solutions for all types of entrepreneurs and organizations. These spaces offer private or shared office solutions, with reception, courier, cleaning, security, internet and copy services usually also available. Shared meeting rooms with a certain number of hours included in your office package and available for appointment are also included. If you don’t need a physical space to work but want to establish your company’s headquarters in a professional location and take advantage of some of these corporate services, many Business Centers also offer a virtual office solution. Contracts for the use of services vary between one hour and several years.

If you are going to have an important business meeting, but do not have your own space to hold the meeting, scheduling a meeting room in a Business Center can be your solution. The advantage: guests are professionally received by the Business Center staff, the atmosphere is more corporate and business-oriented than, for example, in a hotel, you only pay for the hours used and, in some cases, you can even make a reservation online. (


One of the biggest advantages that Business Centers offer is flexibility. Establish your company in a Business Center means, above all, reducing expenses, when compared to a traditional lease. Obviously, the more convenient the location of a Business Center, the better it will be for the customer. Ideally, the location of a Business Center combines several qualities in one: a well-known address, a central space for connections and an ideal environment to develop your business.

For younger companies or start-up entrepreneurs, and since the long terms of a leasing contract may represent a commitment that the structure may not support in the future, Business Centers are recommended for offering flexible terms and different room sizes, even with more affordable models, such as coworking plans or virtual office packages, which have lower prices than a private office, but which also allow you to enjoy corporate services such as meeting room rental or reception and courier services. In contrast to renting an office by yourself, in a Business Center you will not have to worry about fees for electricity, water, security or other services; These are not, however, the only advantages.


Unlike a traditional lease, which can commit the company for a long period, in a Business Center you choose the lease term that best suits your business. This service adapts the facilities to your enterprise over time, by giving you the possibility of increasing the rented area or reducing it depending on the volume of your business and the size of your team. This means that you are guaranteed to adapt your facilities to your business with relative ease.


As soon as you enter a Business Center, an equipped office is at your disposal, without wasting time with internet service providers, telephony, maintenance, furniture, security or others, and saving you from making investments that would otherwise be essential.


Do you need a meeting room, an independent office, a courtesy room or a room to receive your visitors? A Business Center will offer you the space that suits your needs without paying for this space permanently and constantly.


Benefit from a team totally dedicated to your company: The spaces usually also include services such as cleaning, security, reception and maintenance, which will allow you to get rid of those small daily worries, saving time that could be very precious for you to dedicate yourself and to focus on your business.


Business Centers pay special attention to human relations. They promote the creation of links between customers by organizing breakfasts and get together events commonly hosted by external speakers whom are regularly invited. The spaces are designed for these interactions to arise spontaneously and naturally. Keep in mind that contacts are often born in moments of conviviality and can result in new collaborations.


Business Centers are ideally located in the city center or in prestigious locations. They usually give you access to a privileged address that will be an excellent business card for your company. Receiving a customer, a supplier, a future partner or even having your company domiciled there, promotes the image of your business.


Getting rid of the high costs of rent, insurance, municipal property tax, water, electricity, air conditioning, technical maintenance of facilities, cleaning, among others, is an undeniable economic advantage. From a global point of view, a Business Center helps to control overhead and personnel costs, making fixed costs lower.

It is important to understand what a Business Center is to determine what this type of solution can do for your business. Either so that your startup can have the flexibility it needs, so that your company, which is already well established in the market, can see its credibility increased with its customers or suppliers, or even for a simple desire to interact with entrepreneurs who share the same type of interests, installing your business in a Business Center can represent a very advantageous step for your company.

List of best Business Centres in Kenya


-Business Process Automation
-IT Help Desk support
-Enterprise Information System
-Computer Engineering
-ICT Consultants

  •  Address:Thika Business Centre, 5th Floor, Thika
  •  City/Town: Thika
  •  Telephone Number: +254700017017
  •  Email Address:
  •  Website:

Quasi Serviced Offices

-Projector Hire
-Businesss Proposal Writing
-Document Typing
-Print Services
-Drop Box Services
-Messenger Delivery Services

  •  Address:Zuhura Place 2nd Floor, Kenyatta Highway,Thika
  •  City/Town: Thika
  •  Telephone Number: +(254) 725788818
  •  Telephone Number 2: +(254) 725787067
  •  Email Address:
  •  Website:

Simkar Group

Simkar Group Limited is a real estate company based in Westlands, Nairobi. The company was founded in October 2010. It has a wide range of clientele, ranging from individual private and corporate investors, to major developers, owners and occupiers.

-Property Leases
-Property Sales
-Property Consultancy

  • Address:P.O. Box 13145-00400
    Westlands, Nairobi
  •  City/Town: Nairobi
  •  Telephone Number: (+254) 728 990 415
  •  Telephone Number 2: (+254) 773 587 407
  •  Email Address:
  •  Website:

Kuza Innovation Center

  • Address:43 General Mathenge Drive, Westlands, Nairobi. Kenya, General Mathenge Road, Nairobi
  •  City/Town: Westlands
  •  Telephone Number: 0728960743

Kofisi Africa Riverside Drive

1.Private Offices
2.Meeting Rooms
3.Event Space
4.Flexible Desks

  •  Address:Keystone Park, 95 Riverside Drive 3 Floor, Block A
  •  City/Town: Westlands
  •  Telephone Number: 0203673000
  •  Email Address:
  •  Website:

Sotemi Business Centre

  •  Address:Common Wealth House, Second Floor, Moi Avenue, Nairobi City
  •  City/Town: Nairobi
  •  Telephone Number: 0721732691

Capital West Business Centre

Capital West Business Centre provides Commercial space to let.

  •  Address:Lantana Road, Nairobi
  •  City/Town: Nairobi
  •  Telephone Number: 0735764222
  •  Telephone Number 2: 0204446919
  •  Email Address:
  •  Website:

Ikigai Nairobi (Riverside)

1. Co working
2. Private office
3. Virtual office

  •  Address:Merchant Square, Riverside Drive, Nairobi
  •  City/Town: Westlands
  •  Telephone Number: 0768376408
  •  Telephone Number 2: 0797519466
  •  Email Address:
  •  Website:


1. Office space
2. Co working
3. Virtual offices
4. Meeting rooms

  •  Address:17th Floor, ICEA Building opposite Stanley Hotel
  •  City/Town: Nairobi
  •  Telephone Number: 0205154400
  •  Telephone Number 2: 0207640108
  •  Email Address:
  •  Website:

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