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In a three word tweet to a fellow younger billionaire Hamis Kiggundu, Dr. Sudhir who rarely tweets has said, “Good Job done”. Super richman Sudhir’s tweet came after money magnet Hamis Kiggundu shared latest photos of Nakivubo Stadium, when experts he hired from Europe where installing an artificial turf, a few days when FUFA and CAF officials visited and inspected Nakivubo Stadium and cleared it as Uganda’s bid to host AFCON 2027 continues to get boosted. Among other senior citizens who have come out to congratulate Hamis Kiggundu for installing the turf in Nakivubo Stadium he has single handedly redeveloped is URA boss Ian Rumanyika who in his tweet asked for more Stadium photos. Sports minister Peter Ogwang and other government officials have also joined hundreds of Ugandans thanking Hamis Kiggundu for such a multi-billion investment changing the face of Kampala. The Advantages of Artificial Turf for Constructing a Football Field Carpet. The biggest advantage of a proper field of artificial grass is that it enables training and games to be made in a healthy environment. In terms of long life and safety artificial grass is the best ground alternative.

The nearly 40,000 seaters standard modern stadium measuring 110 meters X 68 meters and being developed by youthful billionaire and businessman, Hamis Kiggundu through his Ham Enterprises (U) Ltd, will cost about $ 200Millions upon final completion.
The Stadium consists of: a Basketball court, a netball court, Several impeccable timely Entrances and Exits, Gazetted Teams Bus Drop off Point with ample parking for two teams, Several Changing rooms with lockers, showers, fridges, massage tables, technical boards and dressing rooms for ball boys and referees,  Medical Systems consisting of; Cardiac monitors, BP monitors, Automatic ventilators, suction machines, stretchers, reflex hammers, pulse oximeters among others, a Press box/Broadcasting Point equipped with 10 computers, Stadium Media Centre/Media Tribune, Wi-Fi equipped Press Conference Rooms for 50 persons each, advanced Fire Systems, CCTV/security systems with a 40 monitor control room, Sports training Gyms for both ladies and gentlemen, Stadium Hostel with 72 5star studio rooms with AC, Wi-Fi, LAN cables and a Standby generator, Cafeterias/ Refreshment Centers, Hundreds of Sanitary Areas for Spectators including for PWD’s, high-quality seating arrangements with VIP and VVIP self-contained Executive Boxes for up to 5000 spectators and other ordinary ones, a Cinema Hall aluminum goal posts and aluminum flag posts among other international facilities.

Installation of top notch playing turf of Nakivubo Stadium is progressing with anxiety and excitement among sports lovers in the country being created.

Last week, officials from the Confederation of African Football (CAF) and the Federation of Uganda Football Association(FUFA) inspected and witnessed the stadium’s redevelopment progress and tycoon Kiggundu revealed that the stadium will be officially opened around December 2023.

The youthful billionaire encouraged Ugandans to be more patriotic and develop much love for Uganda.
“It is our obligation to develop our motherland”, Mr. Kiggundu said as he called out the government to be supportive by crafting structures, systems and policies that are friendly to local investors.
“This is not just a stadium but a legacy, if i Kiggundu your own has illustrated that i can singly put up this stadium, then other able patriotic Ugandans too can and together we can transform our motherland,” Mr. Kiggundu concluded.

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