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Optimize Your Activity Booking Process for Your Clients Today

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Optimize Your Activity Booking Process for Your Clients Today. An Activity Booking Tool is an easy-to-use tool, that allows prospective clients to reserve and pay for services or activities they plan to partake on holiday personally via your website.

It expounds on all activity options available. Payments are operated online, therefore streamlining the booking process; this automation lessens employees’ workload concurrently eliminating the possibility of clients overbooking. Pesapal has an innovative activity booking tool system which is free to install for all our merchants. It also enables clients to book and pay for activities that they can take part in during their holiday just by a click of a button via Mpesa, MTN Mobile Money, Tigo Pesa, Visa, and Mastercard payment options among others, thus simplifying your payment process.

The set-up process for the activity Booking Tool is immediate upon request and it is absolutely free of charge. Pesapal will customize a page that is specific to your business and give you the option of inserting a call to action button on your website. When a client is interested in booking an activity, they will click on the button and will be automatically redirected to the page where they can select the particular activity they want and make payment. 

Today we discuss 7 reasons why you should use an Activity Booking Tool.

Rapid Reaction

Real-time responsiveness to payment actions from the activity booking tool customizes the solutions you are offering clients at a time. It’s important you understand your clients in order to make good use of the activity booking tool that stores data and relays your client’s information immediately. Your business should customize its service to clients, to match their tastes and preferences and at a minimal cost. Rapid reaction increases your efficiency in the provision of service and monitors your efforts so you can improve daily.

Business Organization Appliance

It easily organizes processed payments for your business in real-time, by producing invoices that relay transaction details to you, and your client will get a payment notification. The detailed reporting feature allows you to analyze and monitor your booking and income data. By performing systematic reviews, you can better understand your clients’ needs and adjust your business strategy accordingly.

Computerize Your Business

Computerization of your business is a wise decision, for instance, Pesapal offers integration with the leading tour and travel companies whereby you can grow your brand awareness online and ‘build stronger customer relationships with automated social media networking. Use Facebook and Twitter concurrently to promote new tours and boost sales. Gaining new customers online is now easier due to computerization.

Quickens Operation

As a business owner, your operation is streamlined thus eradicating any traces of continual filing by the active use of the activity booking tool that switches your operations from hand-operated bookings to automated systematized bookings by your clients. Logistics operations managers can use this activity booking tool to integrate their operations systems to ensure booking and distribution of inventory to clients run smoothly, this coordinates processes, therefore, ensuring sales orders and profits are maintained.

Distribute Your Offers Globally.

The activity booking tool will guarantee an increase in revenue through a reselling activity. Where it establishes your distribution network across the globe, by organizing your negotiators and linked associates from your network effortlessly. This enables your business to reach a wider market.

Stockpile Reduction

As a logistics operation manager, you are fully aware that the presence of high volumes of the stagnant stockpile is a high risk for your business, this negatively affects the business. The integration of an activity booking tool solves this problem by providing a booking tool that helps you to find clients and distribute your inventory in real-time hence reducing stockpiling.

Dependable and Persistent

Timely dispatch of materials is crucial to your client, as a logistics manager you need to be dependable and persistent in order to assure your clients their booked materials will arrive on time to their premises. The activity booking tool will readily offer you this feature that purposefully serves your client by helping them to book online for the delivery of their goods and services, the activity booking tool helps you to capture the booking order, therefore, it’s hard to miss a sale.

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