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Duties and Responsibilities of a Credit Controller 

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Nyongesa Sande
Nyongesa Sande
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Good credit management is essential to an organisation’s healthy cash flow, and the Credit Controller is responsible for managing a book of debtor accounts to ensure timely payment of outstanding invoices. A Credit Controller job description should include conducting credit checks on new customers, resolving problems in relation to invoice payments, and reconciling complex month-end accounts. They must also report to management on outstanding issues, whilst highlighting potential debtor problems.

Credit Controller Duties:

  • Oversee all day-to-day activities of accounts receivable department
  • Review and analyze financial records of customers to ascertain creditworthiness
  • Compile and report accounts receivable information
  • Develop and implement procedures to ensure timely collection of accounts receivable
  • Periodically interact with customers to resolve disputes and disputes
  • Work closely with customers to reduce costs and improve payment performance
  • Maintain and update customer records and files
  • Identify and recruit new customers
  • Develop and implement credit policies
  • Maintain accurate and up-to-date financial records, including bank statements
  • Execute credit and collections procedures
  • Develop and maintain relationships with customers
  • Organize, develop, and implement marketing strategies to attract new customers
  • Make recommendations to the management team regarding credit policy
  • Review and help develop annual budget
  • Develop and implement strategic plans
  • Generate monthly and quarterly reports
  • Keep management informed of critical, current, and emerging trends and issue

Credit Controller Responsibilities:

  • Develop and implement credit policies and procedures to ensure compliance with credit and lending regulations, laws, and regulations, as well as internal policies, procedures, and standards
  • Review and approve credit applications; manage customer account portfolios, including collection efforts, cash application, and billing
  • Prepare reports, monitor account status, and supervise collections staff
  • Ensure compliance with credit reporting laws and all regulations related to credit, collections, and fraud
  • Maintain credit relationships by conducting regular credit reviews, issuing credit extensions, making credit recommendations, and resolving credit disputes
  • Perform gross margin and customer profitability analyses and reconcile discrepancies
  • Manage account reconciliation process
  • Coordinate the preparation of financial statements
  • Conduct and coordinate annual financial statements and tax returns
  • Attend and perform at meetings with management, customers, and vendors
  • Document and maintain customer and vendor information in

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