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How to Increase Online Sales for Lounges & Clubs

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Nyongesa Sande
Nyongesa Sande
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For clubs to keep their sales at optimum, they can no longer rely on long nights or venues filled with friendly conversation, loud music and people enjoying themselves. How to Increase Online Sales for Lounges & Clubs

Looking at the industry as a whole, what people buy in the shops or order online is not that different from what they consume at the club.

How to Increase Online Sales for Lounges & Clubs

The question then is: how can your nightclub, lounge or sports bar stay atop your customers’ mind and stand out from competition?


Visual marketing strategy helps sustain top of mind awareness. Social Media users tend to mindlessly scroll until they stop for something visually attractive. The best way to stop the scroll is video and rich media.

Here are a few tips of the video content you can showcase:

  1. The government guidelines you have recently implemented such as social distancing
  2. Emotions of joy and celebration captured in videos seem more authentic as opposed to customers posing to smile
  3. Details such as the chef hard at work, drinks on table and natural light filtering through the lobby


Developing a website is a gateway for your customers to know your selling points. Create appealing content with professionally done, high resolution images capturing your ambiance and menu.

Showcase and share your events calendar and promotions and most importantly, allow your customers to place orders and pay online for home delivery. With Reserveport by Pesapal you can achieve direct orders and offer a flawless takeout experience hence reducing the cost of acquisition of online customers


Do not overlook social media. Long gone are the simple days when lounges and nightclubs would rely on word of mouth and peer influence to naturally acquire new customers.

Do you have a signature dish or drink? Take a pic for the gram!
Having a popular live band for the evening? Go live on Facebook!

Any discounts that week? Tweet about them!

Find different & innovative ways to market your physical business and website on social media both organically and through paid ads and to create FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)!


Every customer-facing employee is a salesperson with an ability to upsell, cross-sell and retain your loyal customers.

A club or sports bar with an amazing bartender who’s fun and interesting and welcoming always supersedes everything else. And this is what your customers need to be reminded of on social media during lockdown.

Sharing images of your employees in the midst of action, both on your website and social media channels, will foster relationships as that’s the key to building a loyal and lucrative customer base.

Generating more sales online is hard work but not an impossible task.

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