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Rubis Energy Uganda | Making Your Life’s Journey Better

Rubis Energy Uganda is a high quality brand of choice for people throughout Uganda. Their qualified teams are highly motivated by Rubis’ entrepreneurial approach in which the employees are encouraged to think local and constantly seek opportunities to grow the business.

Founded in 1990, Rubis is an independent French operator specializing in three business areas:

  1. The distribution of petroleum products (service station networks, commercial fuel oil, aviation fuel, LPG, bitumens, etc.), with operations in Europe, the Caribbean and Africa through our subsidiary Rubis Énergie;
  2. Support and services, alongside our downstream petroleum products distribution activity, with a midstream position, grouping together refining, trading-supply and shipping operations;
  3. Storage through our subsidiary Rubis Terminal, providing storage of liquid products for our customers (petroleum, chemical and agri-food products). Rubis Terminal is a leader in France and also holds operations in the Netherlands, Belgium and Turkey.

Since 2000, Rubis has expanded its presence across three regions, (Africa, Europe and the Caribbean) through direct investments and acquisitions. The Group has enjoyed strong, regular progress driven by organic growth, new sites and acquisitions, while also constantly improving its productivity.

Rubis is now a major player in the fuels distribution business in Uganda. In 2019, the company acquired the assets owned and operated by Kobil, and later Samfuel in 2020. With nearly 40 service-stations, the Rubis card payment system, K-Lube brand in motor, industrial, speciality lubricants and greases, and K-Gas for cooking, Rubis is now a strong player in the fuels distribution business in Uganda.

Rubis Uganda Vision

To become the preferred brand of customers on the move and all our business partners by providing quality products and services with convenience and efficiency, and to strengthen our long-term partnerships with all stakeholders, focusing particular attention to safety and environment.

Rubis Uganda Corporate Governance

Rubis is founded on values, which have shaped its culture and forged its success. Integrity, respect for others, professionalism and trust; these are just some of the principles that underpin the Group’s operations. Rubis’ slogan, “The will to undertake, the corporate commitment”, emphasizes the fundamental principles of a management philosophy based on freedom of initiative and individual accountability.

Ethical and Anti-Corruption Commitments

Rubis strives to act with professionalism and integrity, in compliance with existing laws and regulations. All customers and suppliers of Rubis are required to comply with the ethical and anti-corruption rules defined in the Rubis Group Code of Ethics available here.

In particular, to comply with and ensure compliance by its employees and its key subcontractors and/or suppliers with:

The applicable labour legislation and, in particular, the prohibition of the use of child labour or any form of forced labour;

Health and safety rules for employees and environmental protection rules in force at their facilities;

The prohibition of any form of fraudulent activity within the framework of contractual relations;

The prohibition of all forms of corruption (public, private, passive or active), including the offer or gift of money, bribes, inducements or any other unjustified service or advantage proposed or received with the intention of influencing the conduct of a person with a view to obtaining preferential treatment, inducing a favourable decision or influencing the outcome of a negotiation;

The applicable national and international laws imposing economic and/or financial sanctions (embargoes) on natural and/or legal persons.

Rubis Energy Uganda Careers

They are always looking for a range of talent that would be eager to join an energetic, customer-focused team that strives to maintain the highest level of product quality and customer service.

For applications and available job listings, email Rubis Uganda at

Products & Services

  1. Rubis Fuel
  2. Rubis Card
  3. Rubis Lubricants
  4. Rubis Gas
  5. Rubis Express

Rubis Uganda Products and Services


Rubis Energy Uganda runs a strong network of over 54 strategically and conveniently located service stations countrywide under the Kobil and Delta brands. Their stations are designed for maximum convenience and safety, with focus on value-added service at the forecourt.

Rubis Card

Rubis Card is Their fuel management system that gives motorists total control of their fuel-related expenses. It is based on smart card technology and offers convenience and efficiency when making payments at the station. Additionally, we have partnered with key utility providers to ensure their Rubis Card provides a convenient bill payment service.

Rubis Express

Their innovative convenience store brand, Rubis Express, provides world-class convenience to motorists on the go, saving them time and money.


Their K-gas brand is the perfect cooking gas for domestic and commercial use thanks to Their reliable supply and accurate quantity distribution, provided with the highest standards in terms of quality and safety. They also supply, mainly in bulk, all types of industrial customers.


Rubis Energy Uganda markets an extensive industrial, automotive and specialist range of high-quality lubricants under the K-Lubebrand. Their products meet the highest specifications demanded by most automotive and equipment manufacturers.

Commercial and Reseller

Their large base of commercial customers spans a range of industrial sectors such as food, transport, agriculture, mining, manufacturing, energy production and construction. They supply all types of bulk petroleum products, such as fuel oil, bitumen, diesel, and lubricants. We offer tailor-made and turn-key solutions to major infrastructure projects

Storage and Assets

They have 2 depots one at Nalukolongo industrial area and another in Jinja .

They also have an LPG filling plant at Nalukolongo.

Rubis Card Frequently Asked Questions

1. What can I purchase with my RUBiS CARD?

Use your RUBiS CARD to pay for Fuel, LPG, Lubricants and other services at our service stations. You can also use your RUBiS CARD to shop at RUBiS EXPRESS.

2. How do I register for a RUBiS CARD?

Register for a RUBiS CARD today via
Card Fee of 10,000 ugx applies.
Minimum top up of 40,000 ugx.

3. How do I activate my RUBiS CARD?

Activate your RUBiS CARD by visiting our web portal or follow the simple activation process at any Kobil and RUBiS service station. You will receive an sms confirming your card activation and a secure one time PIN.

4. How do I top up my RUBiS CARD?

You can top up via MTN and Airtel mobile money

Airtel Money Top up steps
USSD Code *185*9#
Then choose merchant code 1190971
Enter amount for payment e.g 50,000 ugx
Enter Payment Reference e.g. Fuel card
Enter PIN/Secret code to approve transaction.
You will get an instant message to confirm transaction.

You can top up via RTGS/EFT by sending loading instructions to

Rubis Lubricants Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which is the best oil for my car?

The choice of lubricant for any equipment system is guided mainly by the OEM recommendation.

2. How do I know the best lubricant?

The heritage of a brand is very key in deciding on a good lubricant. Most major brands invest significantly in research and development to ensure a brand is superior. In addition, there are international standards that guide on determining the quality of a lubricant. The SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) & API (American Petroleum Institute) classify lubricants on the basis of viscosity and quality / performance respectively. These classifications would offer a good guide.

3. I always prefer a thicker oil for my engine. Is a thicker oil good?

The recommendation for what oil to use for your machine / engine is based on what the manufacturer indicates on the user manual. From a technical position, the thickness of a lubricant varies with its temperature. While a lubricant may look thick at ambient temperature and therefore indicating a strong lubricating film, when a machine reaches its operating temperature, the viscosity may break significantly to being too thin and therefore offering poor lubricating film. So a thicker oil is not necessarily a better oil than a thinner oil.

4. Why should I change my engine oil regularly?

Based on the formulation of your engine oil, the key raw materials get depleted over time and therefore need to be replenished to keep performing their functions optimally. If you don’t change, the engine parts will be exposed to damage as a result of depressed functioning of the depleted additives.

5. Why should I choose K-Lube?

K-Lube has been tried, tested and proven over time. The brand is manufactured from highly refined base stocks and advanced additive technology to deliver a premium product that meets the diverse tough operating environments. In addition, wide K-Lube product portfolio ensures all your lubricant requirements are met under one roof.

6. Are the off shelf additives good for my engine?

When formulating oils and in particular engine oils, there is a careful balance between the various additives and base oils to achieve the intended performance characteristics of the lubricant. Most of the off-shelf additives are intended to achieve a specific function. While performing that function, they could alter the raw material balance and end up negatively impacting the performance of the lubricant. So it is advised to avoid them.

7. How should I dispose of used oil?

As a responsible citizen, we strongly advice for safe disposal of used oil to protect our very fragile environment. We have arrangement across all our retail network to collect used oil from our customers.

8. Is oil just oil as most people say?

No. There are different categories of oil with different applications. Common categorization can be automotive oils, specialty oils, industrial oils, marine oils and aviation oils. Oils can also be categorized based on the base oils used, e.g. mineral oils, synthetic oils and semi-synthetic oils. Each of these categories can be broken further. Thus it is good to know which oil you require based on application and specification and seek to get the suitable oil for your application.

9. My car requires DOT 3 Brake fluid, where do I get it?

DOT 3 specification of Brake fluid is no longer allowed for sale in Zambia. DOT 4 specification is the current minimum specification allowed in the country and is fully compatible with systems that require DOT 3 specification of brake fluid. DOT 4 specification is better than DOT 3 specification as it has higher wet boiling point and has better hygroscopic tendency (affinity to attract moisture from the atmosphere, which affects quality of brake fluid).

10. My car had pink coolant originally. Can I change to blue coolant?

At the end user point, good quality coolant coloured pink coolant is based on Glysentin G40 specification while the blue-green coolant is based on Glysentin G48 specification. These can be mixed at end user point, though the blue-green fluid has more OEM approvals than the pink fluid. However, it is good to watch out for counterfeit products, which are basically dyed water.

11. Where can I get accurate information on K-Lube lubricants?

A call or a visit to the lubricants department at Rubis Energy Zambia will help you get very precise information on lubricants without relying on unverified sources that can at times be very misleading.

12. How can I avoid buying counterfeit K-Lube products?

All K-Lube products have a security seal that you should always ascertain that it is intact during purchase. This can be a branded induction seal for the small packs or a branded metal seal for the 20lt and drummed products. As a double check, buy your K-lube product only from authorized distributors (and their nominated agents) or from service stations. Rubis Energy Uganda

13. Do lubricants expire?

Lubricants have expiry date indicated on the package containers. This is for safe use period. It is worthy to note that the Chemistry of most lubricants does not change if they are stored in good storage practices and will not just go bad or stale after the expiry period. Lubricants can however deteriorate in quality in storage if not stored in a proper way. It is advisable to use only lubricants that are within the safe use period and have any expired lubricants tested in a laboratory to guide on safe handling and disposal. Rubis Energy Uganda

14. Does brake fluid and transformer oil have medicinal value e.g. in treatment of cuts and wounds?

There is a common misconception that brake fluids and transformer oils can be used to treat cuts and wounds. These products are not medicinal in nature; neither are they prepared with ingredients that have been passed as medicinal by the pharmacies and poisons boards. They may have other undetermined effects on human body and thus we discourage any such applications. Rubis Energy Uganda

15. Can transformer oil be used for deep frying of food?

Due to the thermal stability of transformer oil, some unscrupulous people use it to deep fry food. However, transformer oil is carcinogenic (can cause cancer) and should thus never be used for cooking food

Rubis Gas Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is LPG?

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is a mixture of propane and butane either produced from refining or extracting from gas field.

2. What are the advantages of using LPG?

  • Safety: LPG is a clean burning fuel that is low carbon, emits virtually no black carbon and does not spills. LPG prevents asphyxia accidents.
  • Cooking autonomy: because a 6 kg cylinder will give you 1 month of cooking autonomy.
  • It has a higher heating value thus more efficient than other cooking fuels. LPG doesn’t contain sulphur, so it burns a lot cleaner.

3. How do I purchase my K-Gas?

Always purchase your cooking gas from a branded RUBiS or Kobil service station or an authorised K-Gas dealer.

4. What equipment do I need to use my K-Gas?

For the 12kg, you will need a regulator and a hose pipe.
For the 6kg cylinder, you will need a burner and grill.

5. How do I safely transport my K-Gas?

Ensure cylinders are in an upright position on the vehicle floor and secured so they cannot move.

6. How do I safely store my K-Gas?

Store cylinders in a well-ventilated area, away from open fires, electrical appliances and power points.
Do not store in a closed area. The gas is heavier than air and will “flow” into low points and collect, causing a flammable mixture.
Never store the cylinders close to a heat source or in direct sunlight.

7. Why does LPG have an odour?

LPG is odourless in natural state. An additive is added to provide LPG a characteristic odour. This is in order to alarm the user in case of a leak.

8. Why does the cylinder need to remain upright?

LPG is stored in the cylinder in 2 phases; liquid at the bottom and vapour at the top.
When you ignite the gas, you withdraw product in vapour form as the liquid is vaporizing inside the cylinder. The upright position ensures that the vapour remains at the top and the liquid at the bottom for safe use.

9. Why is the gas flame blue?

A blue flame indicates safe and efficient combustion, meaning that the gas is being burned efficiently and not being wasted. Blue flames are hotter and indicate more complete combustion.

Rubis Energy Uganda Contacts

For more information, contact us at:
Plot 4 Wankulukuku Road
Nalukolongo Industrial Area
P.O Box 27478
Kampala – Uganda

​Tel: 031-2502200

Follow us on Twitter. Send us a secure tip

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