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Alcoa Corporation

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Nyongesa Sande
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Alcoa Corporation (an acronym for “Aluminum Company of America“) is a Pittsburgh-based industrial corporation. It is the world’s eighth-largest producer of aluminum. Alcoa conducts operations in 10 countries. Alcoa is a major producer of primary aluminum, fabricated aluminum, and alumina combined, through its active and growing participation in all major aspects of the industry: technology, mining, refining, smelting, fabricating, and recycling.

On November 1, 2016, Alcoa Inc. split into two entities: a new one called Alcoa Corporation, which is engaged in the mining and manufacture of raw aluminum, and the renaming of Alcoa Inc. to Arconic Inc., which processes aluminum and other metals.

HISTORY of Alcoa Corporation

   Alcoa was founded in 1888 as The Pittsburgh Reduction Company.

   In 1925, the company was listed on the New York Curb Exchange (forerunner of the American Stock Exchange).

   In 1998, the company changed its name to Alcoa Corporation.

   In 2016, Alcoa split into two separate entities, Alcoa Corporation (mining and manufacturing raw aluminum) and Arconic Inc. (aluminum and other metals processing).

   With more than 12,000 employees, Alcoa Corporation is considered one of the largest aluminum producers in the world. According to Forbes, it is considered one of the Largest Public Companies in the World.

In June 2016, Alcoa Inc. announced plans to split itself into two companies. Alcoa Inc would be renamed as Arconic and would take over the business of designing and building processed metal parts, primarily for the automotive and aerospace industries. A new company, Alcoa Corporation, would be set up and spun out of Alcoa Inc. and retain the Alcoa name. Alcoa Corp. would continue the business of mining, smelting, and refining of raw aluminum. The split was completed on November 1, 2016.

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