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US Presidential Candidate Demands UK Withdraw Sanctions on Ugandan Speaker, Citing Misuse of Power

US Presidential Candidate Rollan Roberts Condemns UK Sanctions on Ugandan Speaker Anita Among, Calls for Immediate Withdrawal

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In a powerful and unwavering statement, Rollan Roberts, a prominent US presidential candidate, has vehemently demanded the immediate withdrawal of the United Kingdom’s sanctions imposed on April 30, 2024, against Uganda’s Speaker of Parliament, Rt. Hon. Anita Among. The candidate passionately condemned the sanctions as retaliatory and unjust, linking them directly to Uganda’s recent passage of the controversial Anti-Homosexuality Bill, which was enacted under the steadfast leadership of Speaker Among. This bold call for action underscores the candidate’s commitment to defending national sovereignty and challenges the misuse of international sanctions for political purposes.

The UK sanctions, invoked under the “Global Anti-Corruption Sanctions” regime, have been criticised as a direct response to Uganda’s legislative actions, perceived as defiance against foreign interference. The candidate emphasised that such measures undermine Uganda’s sovereignty and are a misuse of anti-corruption mechanisms.

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“I unequivocally support Rt. Hon. Anita Among and call on the UK to immediately withdraw all contrived, retaliatory sanctions against Uganda’s Madam Speaker,” the candidate stated. “The sanctions reflect a misuse of power, transforming tools meant for upholding international norms into instruments of political manipulation.”

The candidate also pointed out the broader implications of the sanctions, arguing that many global anti-corruption agencies are themselves corrupt. “Developed nations often lack these agencies, while poorer nations are burdened with them, serving as vehicles for organised corruption,” the statement read. “Sanctions should be used appropriately, not abused for political gain.”

The call to action extended to the United States, urging it to exert pressure on the UK to retract the sanctions. The candidate highlighted the Biden administration’s stance on withholding funding from African nations passing anti-LGBTQIA+ legislation, arguing that targeting individuals like Speaker Among for upholding their nation’s moral and religious values is both immoral and unconscionable.

“My administration will ensure that sanctions are applied with integrity, wisdom, and discernment, not as instruments of retribution,” the candidate promised. “It is time to restore the true purpose of sanctions and uphold the principles of justice and fairness in international relations.”

The statement has stirred significant attention, drawing support from various quarters for its strong stance on maintaining national sovereignty and ethical governance. As the world watches, the candidate’s position underscores the ongoing debate over the appropriate use of sanctions in international diplomacy.

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