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List of lighthouses in Kenya

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Nyongesa Sande
Nyongesa Sande
Nyongesa Sande is a Kenyan blogger, Pan Africanist,c olumnist Political Activist , blogger, informer & businesman who has interest in politics, governance, corporate fraud, human rights and television personality.

List of lighthouses in Kenya. A lighthouse is a tower, building, or other type of physical structure designed to emit light from a system of lamps and lenses and to serve as a beacon for navigational aid, for maritime pilots at sea or on inland waterways.

Lighthouses mark dangerous coastlines, hazardous shoalsreefs, rocks, and safe entries to harbors; they also assist in aerial navigation. Once widely used, the number of operational lighthouses has declined due to the expense of maintenance and has become uneconomical since the advent of much cheaper, more sophisticated and effective electronic navigational systems.

This is a list of lighthouses in Kenya.

  • Cannon Point Lighthouse
  • Chale Island Lighthouse
  • Kilifi Creek Lighthouse
  • Kipini Lighthouse
  • Likoni Lighthouse
  • Malindi Lighthouse
  • Mtongwe Range Rear Lighthouse
  • Pungutiayu Lighthouse
  • Ra’s Kiberamini Range Front Lighthouse
  • Ra’s Kiberamini Range Rear Lighthouse
  • Ra’s Mchangamwe Range Rear Lighthouse
  • Ra’s Serani Range Front Lighthouse
  • Ra’s Serani Range Rear Lighthouse
  • Shela Range Front Lighthouse

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